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Sarah has counseled and supported expectant mothers as they prepared to place a child for adoption and as they navigated through the grief of their loss post placement. She has helped prepare biological/birth parents for post placement visits with the adoptive parents and the child.  Navigating that relationship can be complex but Sarah will walk that journey with you. 


Adoptee voices are often unheard and silenced. Sarah wants to hear your story and help you unpack and process any emotions you may be experiencing. Allow Sarah the honor of walking this journey with you.

Sarah offers counseling and can help facilitate reunions between adoptees and their biological/birth parents.  Please reach out to inquire further.

Sarah has counseled and helped prepare hopeful adoptive parents for the adoption journey ahead of them. She offers consultations to individuals and families considering adoption. This will include education on what your options are (private infant, foster care, international, etc.), what your process may be like (including home study, wait times, etc.), facilitating a discussion about openness and preferences, and also what the process is like for biological/birth parents before and after placement. Sarah will also help you understand adoption from an adoptee's perspective so you can help create a safe space for them as they grow and learn. Sarah will answer any questions you have and go into more details as you move along. Her hope is that these consultations will provide you with an informed, unbiased perspective on adoption as a whole. You will then be able to determine if pursuing adoption is the right decision for you and your family. If it is and depending on which path you pursue, you will then have a unique insight into the biological/birth parents’ journey that will help you in honoring them. And Sarah's hope, serving and loving them well, too.


 Maybe you are reading this and you are already an adoptive parent and need a bit more support or guidance. Allow Sarah to come alongside you and help you. 

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